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Magnetic Microspheres (Streptavidin Coupled)

Catalog No.: B0001-500
Alias: Magnetic Microspheres, SA-beads, beads Magnetic beads

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Quality Level Essential+ Grade
Concentration 20 mg/ml  
pH 8.0
Buffer Tris-BSA buffer
Polymer nature PS
Mean diameter 1.07 um
Storage 2-8 °C, DO NOT FREEZE


DxPartner Streptavidin magnetic beads is the gold standard for the isolation and treatment of biotinylated nucleic acids, antibodies or other biotinylated ligands and targets. It has been used in a large number of applications utilizing the extremely high binding affinity of streptomycin-biotin interactions (Kd=10-15).

Benefits & Features:
Superparamagnetic microspheres with uniform particle size and regular morphology.
To capture target molecules by magnetic separation quickly and easy
Direct and rapid separation of any biotinylated molecules
Flexible protocol with gentle and efficient liquid-phase reaction kinetics
Very low non-specific binding of nucleotides and nucleic acids
Very low non-specific binding to small proteins with negative charge
Small and uniform particle size of microspheres to ensure a large surface area per mg and a high capacity to the target molecule
Low precipitation rate but high iron content ensures fast magnetic separation
Biomagnetic solutions can be easily adapted to automation platforms
High batch-to-batch reproducibility to make consistent results

About Streptavidin magnetic microspheres
These superparamagnetic beads are approximately 1 μm in diameter and covalently coupled to a monolayer of recombinant streptavidin on the surface to ensure that the vast majority of biotin-binding sites bind not only free biotin, but also biotinylated ligands/targets, and ensure consistent and reproducible results, with specific, defined surfaces for efficient capture, isolation, and downstream processing. streptavidin magnetic microspheres have large surface area, high capacity, and superparamagnetism, which can be tailored to high-throughput automation solutions. The reproducibility (in-batch and between-batch) and automated operation make your results reliable as well.

Streptavidin-conjugated immunomagnetic beads have been used and referenced in a variety of applications. For examples, direct/indirect isolation and downstream processing of nucleic acids, proteins/peptides, and other target molecules. The product is available for the capture of sequence-specific DNA/RNA in nucleic acid-based diagnostics, especially for samples with high chaotropic salt concentrations, immunodetection involving biotinylated small antigens, and applications that are not compatible with BSA (magnetic beads are not blocked by BSA). It can be easier and more flexible adaptation for automated processes.

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